street style Homemade noodles

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  • Prep Time 5 min Mins
  • Cook Time 15 min Mins
  • Ready In 30 min Mins

Gehu ke aate se nasta 

Healthy food with basic ingredients


    2 cup aata

    1 tbsp salt

    1 tbsp oil

    Water as required 

    Oil 2 tbsp

    1 onions 

    1 capsicums

    2 green chillies 

    2 tbsp schezwan chatni ( optional )


    Red chili powder

    Haldi powder

    Hara dhaniya 

Step by Step method

    First knead a dough with aata , salt ,oil and required water 

    Then let it set for 10 minutes

    Choppe veggies onion , capsicums ,green chillies , u can add extra veggies if u want

    Then make roti from dough and cut it in thin slices , and dust with dry wheat flour

    Boil this wheat strips for 7-8 minutes in high flame

    Then drain all water n cool

    Till make tadka

    Add oil in pan , when oil heat add onions

    , Capsicum n green chillies 

    Then add salt as per taste, half tbsp red chilli powder, n haldi powder n schezwan chatne too.

    Mix all wel then finally add boiled wheat strips and mix n cook for 8 minutes 

    Serve hot 

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